OBD Vehicle Tracking Unit for Monitoring Performance



Description: OBD Vehicle Tracking Unit for Monitoring the performance of Vehicles, Location, Speed and Driver behaviour. This is a 3G Vehicle Tracking Unit for and is a High performance unit that can be connected to our Fully Managed Platform which has advanced features, 24/7 monitoring and 24/7 support or to a Low Cost Non Managed Platform operated by trackers Manufacturer. The Unit comes with a SIM Card, before installing contact us on 0800 771 770 for us to activate the SIM Card and to discuss your Platform Options, we recommend Plan 6, see it’s details and pricing below or we recommend Plan 3 with 30 Second Polling.


  • OBD Vehicle and Motorised Plant Tracking Unit
  • Reads a full range of OBD Data
  • Network 3G WCDMA / GSM / GPRS
  • Plug and Play Installation
  • Track on SMS, Web or APP;
  • Supports RFID identification, RFID 2.4G active & Mifare1 IC card Readers
  • Supports keyless alarm functions, arm/disarm by SMS/web/calling/RFID tag
  • Check the car’s real physical address (such as city & street name
  • Check the location by LBS directly even there is no GPS signal
  • Smart engine on/off status detection
  • Voice monitoring option
  • Engine on alarm, power failure alarm, vibration alarm, movement alarm
  • Geo-fence alarm, over-speed alarm
  • Track by time interval or by distance;
  • Wireless immobilizer Function to stop the car safely by SMS or Web
  • Speed limiter, when the speed is over the limit a relay will respond to slow down the car automatically;
  • Crash alarm option, when there is crash & it can detect it automatically
  • Voltage:10V-60VDC, suitable for car or most big trucks with OBD connection
  • Smart Power save design for protection of the vehicle’s battery
  • Trace optimization when vehicle turns a corner;
  • 8M-bit offline data logger, it can store up to 9,090 waypoints.
  • Industrial design with high performance ARM7 processor
  • Waterproof IP66
  • Weight 60g
  • Size (mm) 70 x 52 x 32
  • Two Year Warranty

Applications: Commercial Vehicles, Private Vehicles, Company Cars

Recommended Platform Option: Plan 6, This Plan is on our Fully Managed Platform and includes 60 Second Polling, Web Access, Cell Phone APP, 12 Months Data Storage            Price $ 22.95 GST Incl per Month

Other Platform Options: Plan 3: This Plan is on our Fully Managed Platform and includes 30 Second Polling, Web Access, Cell Phone APP, 12 Months Data Storage                            Price $ 26.95 GST Incl per Month

Plan 28: This Plan is on one of our Non Managed Platforms and excludes SIM Card Costs, the Platform can track up to 60 Second Polling, or Polling on Movement, Includes Web Access, Cell Phone APP,  3 Months Data Storage                                                Price $ 49.95 GST Incl for Lifetime Access