Garmin inReach Explorer Personal Tracker



Description: Garmin InReach Explorer Personal Tracker


  • Garmin InReach Explorer is a hand held Satellite communicator for the outdoor enthusiast which ensures their loved ones have peace of mind – and that you’re able to share your location, text from anywhere, navigate and message for help if there’s an emergency
  • Your inReach Explorer+ works anywhere so you’re never out of range
  • it is Connected to the Iridium satellite network, offering you worldwide GPS coverage to exchange texts anywhere
  • You can Trigger an SOS if you’re in trouble or there’s an emergency
  • Allows you to Pair with your mobile device by accessing maps on the free Earthmate™ APP
  • Includes Built-in digital compass, barometric altimeter and accelerometer, Know what conditions to expect with the optional inReach Explorer™+ weather forecast service
  • Internationally recognized IPX7 waterproof rating, tested in one meter water depth for at least thirty minutes
  • Includes free access to a cloud portal, to plan your trip, download maps and store your location tracking data
  • A service plan is required for this unit, Service Plan Prices cost Approx $229US a Year
  • A Network Maintenance fee of Approx $29US a year is charged after the first 12 months
  • Warranty One Year