Business Vehicle Tracking Unit, 36 Monthly Payments



Description: Business Vehicle Tracking Unit, 36 Monthly Payments, Includes SIM card and Access to our fully Managed Platform, 60 second Polling, Conditions Apply. This 3G Vehicle Tracking Unit is suitable for Trucks, Vans and Cars, it is an European made unit (Model number FMS500 Light) and is a High performance unit. It is connected to our Fully Managed Platform which has advanced features, 24/7 monitoring and 24/7 support . The Unit comes with a SIM Card, before installing contact us on 0800 771 770 for us to activate the SIM Card and to set up your Platform Parameters.

Applications: Commercial Vehicles, Private Vehicles, Company Cars, Motorised Plant, Motorised Equipment

Platform Option: Plan 6, This Plan is on our Fully Managed Platform and includes 60 Second Polling, Web Access, Cell Phone APP, 12 Month Data Storage


  • High gain internal antennas
  • Large internal battery
  •  Automatic startup directly out of the box
  • Time saving mass updates via WEB based device management system
  • Template based remote configuration and update options
  • Robust electrical circuit – protection from impulses up to 150V
  • GSM jamming detection, power cut-off registration to the event log
  • TCP and UDP operating simultaneously
  • Geofencing. Track & Trace, Eco driving. Over speeding
  • Compatible with Fuel level Sensors, Driver Identification , Temperature / Humidity Sensors
  • Immobilization Function
  • Device Includes 1 x 210mAh Backup Battery
  • Power 8 – 31 VDC from Vehicle’s Battery
  • Three Year Warranty

FMS500 Light Specifications:

  • Interfaces 1-Wire
  • Inputs 4x digital (frequency, impulse counter, I/O modes), 2x analogue, 11 bit, 0-36V
  • Outputs 2x digital
  • Protection from impulses up to 150V
  • Consumption at 12V: active: <50mA, sleep: <8 mA
  • Registration of power cut-off to device event log
  • Internal memory 8 ?B, up to 150.000 entries
  • Accelerometer 3 axis digital accelerometer
  • Internal odometer
  • Operational temperature range from -40 to +85 C°
  • Dimensions 68 x 91 x 19 mm
  • GSM Internal antenna, GSM/GPRS class 10 (up to 85,6 kbit), class B
  • Detection of GSM jamming, GNSS Internal antenna
  • Acquisition Cold <30 s, hot 1 s. A-GPS support