Question: What is Vehicle or Asset Tracking?

Answer: A Vehicle or Asset Tracking System should provide the Vehicle or Asset’s Owner/Operator with an easily accessible and permanent record of both the current location and the historical locations of the Vehicle or Asset being tracked and provide Reports of non-normal or expected occurrences.

This is done by obtaining the location from the Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) and transmitting this location using the GPRS mobile communication network or the Satellite Communication System to a Computer Server loaded with monitoring software that enables the Owner/Operator to view the data in an easily readable format. From this data the Owner/Operator then should be able to generate invaluable management information and reports that go beyond the limitations of simply locating vehicles on a map.  This data is accessed remotely.

Question: What is an Asset?

Answer: While usually Tracking programs track vehicles, plant and equipment “Asset” Tracking is a more correct definition as other items apart from vehicles can be tracked;  these other items include people, animals, boats, products, freight, containers, equipment, in fact just about anything that moves.

Question: What sends the Data from the GPS network to the Service Provider?

Answer: The heart of the Tracking System is a Data Collection Unit (DCU) which is fitted to the item being tracked (a Vehicle or Asset). The DCU collects data from the GPS unit, transmits it at pre-set time intervals to the Service Provider. The data transmitted includes both the vehicle or asset’s location and the time.

The DCU can be fitted discreetly so that it is not obvious the Vehicle or Asset has a Tracking device installed and is powered by a 12 or 24 volt power source and includes a backup battery, and can be fitted to anything provided there is a 12 volt power source available or the customer is prepared to recharge the battery on a regular basis. The DCU requires no driver interaction or intervention and continually monitors and records the tracked asset at a pre-selected time interval.

Question: Who is the Service Provider?

Answer: The Service Provider is the Receiver of the Data that is transmitted. The Service Provider will have Computers/Servers connected to the GPRS network that receive the data, the Computers/Servers have a software programme loaded that will organise and sort the data that is transmitted into a format that is available to the Owner/Operator of the Vehicle or Asset in an easily readable format. The software will include mapping software. The Data should be backed up so it is available on a 24/7 basis

Question: What is your Returns Policy?

Answer: We accept returns for Customers who change their mind within 7 working days of receiving the Product, just courier it back to us at 4/28 Robert Street, Ellerslie, Auckland 1051 or 26 Cunningham, Halswell Christchurch 8025  and we will refund you in full. The Product must be undamaged and we require all the original Packaging to be returned undamaged with the Device, or a restocking fee will apply.

 Question: What is an OBD 11 device?

Answer: These devices go by different names: car trackers, connected-car devices, OBD dongles, plug-ins. But they all work in a similar way. You plug a device into a vehicle’s OBD II (on-board diagnostics) port, which is present in virtually all passenger vehicles built since 1996 and usually located on or under the dash, near the steering wheel. Once connected, the device can read data from a wide number of vehicle sensors, and depending on the device, let you know how the car is operating and if it’s having any engine-related problems.

Question: What information do Vehicle Tracking Units commonly send?

Answer: Most Vehicle Tracking Units have an internal GPS receiver for tracking the vehicle’s location, an accelerometer to detect sudden changes in movement (such as hard braking, rapid acceleration, or a collision), and an integrated cellular connection that the device uses to communicate information to the cloud and, in turn, to a compatible smartphone app. Usually you also use that app to set up the system, get alerts, look up information, and request help if necessary.

Thanks to that combination of features, with one of these devices you can:

  • have the security of knowing that if you are in a crash, someone will automatically get a notification, and help will come to your location
  • keep track of a vehicle’s location and see where and when it’s been driven
  • know why the car’s check-engine light is on, receive warnings of other vehicle problems, and get instant advice from a mechanic
  • receive alerts if the car’s engine has started, or if the device detects car motion (such as the vehicle being jacked up or struck by another car)
  • get alerts if a person is driving aggressively, or when they have left or arrived at a certain area
  • track driving expenses, whether for business, tax deductions, or personal records
  • call for roadside assistance if the car runs out of gas, gets a flat tire, or suffers a mechanical breakdown

Question: Are Cell Phone APPs Available?

Answer: Each tracking device has a compatible smartphone app that lets you easily see the location of a car, get alerts, and view trip reports.

For example, with the right device, parents can track a teenager’s driving to make sure they’re driving safely and following the family’s rules. People can also monitor the driving of a senior relative to make sure they don’t need help. And fleet managers can track the location and other parameters of their vehicles.

Question: How do I become a Dealer for Tracking Products?

Answer: We are always interested in people and businesses who want to become a Dealer, it is certainly an opportunity in adding to your product range and earning residual income. We limit the number of Dealerships in each Area so Dealerships are not always available. Contact us on 0800 771770 or email gilbert@trackingproducts.co.nz

Question: Can I rent your products on a short-term basis?

Answer: Yes, we have short term rental options; contact us if you want to rent a product, the price will depend on the product type and if installation and removal is required

Question: What does Fair Usage mean when Tracking Products Provides Free support?

Answer:  All products sold on the Website include Free Phone Support. When Tracking Product’s Technical experts provide Free Phone Support the following Fair Usage conditions apply. Free Phone Support is provided on the basis that the Purchaser or their Installers are competent to install and program the equipment and have a basic knowledge of how the equipment operates.

Free Support for each sale is limited to a Maximum of 12 Minutes of Phone support. If you as a Client requires more support then all extra minutes will be charged at the rate of $1.25 per Minute.

We ONLY provide Free Phone Support for Clients; if Non-Clients require Phone Support we provide a Maximum of 2 Minutes of Free Phone Support which is the time it takes to explain our charges and method of payment (Credit Card Only).

For Non-Client’s requiring Support then all minutes are charged at the rate of $2.25 per Minute.

Question: How much does On Site Technical Support Cost?

Answer: The Company provides an on-site technical service for both Clients and Non-Client’s at the client’s cost of $138.00 for the first hour which includes travel provided you are within your City or Town Boundary and provided we have a Dealer in that City or Town, and $80.50 for any subsequent hours or part thereof, if you are outside the City or Town then extra charges may apply.

Where a localised Fuel Tax has been instituted by the Government OR Local Bodies then a Local Fuel Tax surcharge may be added to the cost of any site visits.

Question: Can I take my Vehicle to a Local Auto Electrician and How much will that Cost?

Answer: Most Auto Electricians charge approximately $80.50 per hour or part thereof,

Question: What Happens When a Vehicle Loses GPRS Coverage?

Answer: The Vehicle tracking Device stores the Vehicle’s position locations and transmits them when back in coverage area

Question: How Much Can a Vehicle tracking Device Save a business?

Answer: We have an on line calculator to help calculate savings. To visit go to: www.vehicletrackingsystems.co.nz  under the main menu you will see a heading “SAVINGS CALCULATOR”, click on here and they can enter your own figures which will automatically calculate your potential savings